Anjali Shirpurkar, PT

Anjali Shirpurkar, PT

I completed my Bachelor's in PT in 1982 in Nagpur, India.

Always interested in working with people and helping people, this profession was the right choice for me. After 40 years in the profession, I am still excited to get up in the morning and look forward to each day at work.

Practicing general Physical Therapy for the first 10+ years, my interest turned to the treatment of complex pain conditions and spinal and pelvic health, leading me to take additional training in these areas.

The human body is amazing and incredible, and I am humbled by its ability to recover and restore good health, no matter the ailment.

It motivates me to continue to learn about it and to expand my skills to treat the myriad illnesses we encounter in today's world.

I believe that no man is an island and that we are a total sum of our body, mind and spirit, and that a healthcare facility or provider should recognize that treatment is incomplete if you don't consider all 3 components of our beings.

I also believe that nutrition plays a vital role in our health and that prevention is just as important as remedial treatment.

Besides health, I am passionate about education, women's issues, and the environment.